Executive Group

Risto Murto

President and CEO

b. 1963, Ph.D. (Econ.)

Key work experience:

Deputy CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Varma 2010–2013; Chief Investment Officer, Varma 2006–2010; Managing Director, Opstock Ltd 2000–2005; Director, Opstock Ltd 1997–2000

Chairman of the Board of the University of Oulu; 1st Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Pension Alliance TELA; and member of the Boards of the Federation of Finnish Financial Services, Wärtsilä Corporation and Sampo Plc

President and CEO since 2014, member of the Executive Group since 2006 

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Timo Kaisanlahti

Chief Legal Counsel

b. 1962, LL.D., M.Sc. (Econ.)

Key work experience:

Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Finance 2004–2005; Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Transport and Communications 2003–2004; Legal Counsel, KLegal Oy 2003; Legal Counsel, Varma-Sampo 2001–2002; Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Trade and Industry 1996–2000

Chairman of the Accounting Board; Chairman of the Board of Osakevarma Oy; member of the Representatives of the Finnish Centre for Pensions

Member of the Executive Group since 2007

Tiina Kurki

Senior Vice-President, Pension Services and IT  

b. 1961, Master of Business Administration

Key work experience:

BCIO, Nordea Bank Finland Plc 2011–2012; Group IT management positions, Nordea Bank Finland Plc, 2008–2011; Vice President, TietoEnator Oyj 2002–2008; Department Manager and Specialist, TietoEnator Oyj 1986–2002

Chairman of the Board of Tieto Esy Ltd; deputy member of the Board of Arek Oy

Member of the Executive Group since 2012

Jyrki Rasi, Senior Vice President, Pension Services, was a member of the Executive Group until 17 August 2015.

Ville-Veikko Laukkanen

Executive Vice-President, Client Services

b. 1970, LL.M.

Key work experience:

Director, Member of Group Executive Management, Nordea Bank Finland Plc 2010–2012; Head of Business, TrygVesta/Nordea General Insurance 2003–2010; Vice President, Tryg Forsikring A/S/Nordea General Insurance 2001–2003; Director, AIG Europe S.A. Finland 1999–2001; Lawyer, Sampo Insurance Company 1996–1999; Nordea Investment Fund Company Finland Ltd, Board member 2010–2011

Vice Chairman of the Board of Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company

Member of the Executive Group since 2012

Pasi Mustonen

Senior Vice-President, Actuaries

b. 1964, M.A., FASF

Key work experience:

Actuary, Varma 1998–2001; Actuary, Sampo Pension 1996–1998

Member of the Board of the Finnish Centre for Pensions

Member of the Executive Group since 2004

Pekka Pajamo

Senior Vice-President, Finance

b. 1962, M.Sc. (Econ.)

Key work experience:

Employment with KPMG Oy Ab 1988–2012: Authorised Public Accountant 1993–2012, partner 1998–2012

Chairman of the Board of the Finnish National Theatre Ltd.; member of the Boards of Arek Oy, Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company, Finnish National Opera and Ballet and Varman kiinteistöyhtiöt

Member of the Executive Group since 2012

Reima Rytsölä

Executive Vice-President, Investments

b. 1969, M.Soc.Sc., CEFA, AMP

Key work experience:

Senior Executive Vice President, Head of Banking, Group-level responsibility for major corporate and institutional customers, Pohjola Bank Plc 2008–2013; Management and investment positions at Pohjola Bank Plc and its subsidiaries 1998–2007

Member of the Boards of Technopolis Plc and VVO Group

Member of the Executive Group since 2014

Katri Viippola

Senior Vice-President, Communications, HR and Corporate Social Responsibility (member of the Executive Group as of 1 January 2016)

b. 1976

Master of Arts in Media Production and Management

Key work experience:

HR and Administrative Director, HR Director, Keva 2013–2015; Head of Personnel Development, HR Manager, HR Consultant, Yleisradio 2008–2013; Journalist and News Anchor, Yleisradio 2002–2008

Member of the Executive Group since 2016

Satu Perälampi, member of the Executive Group (Senior Vice President, Communications) served at Varma until 30 August 2015. Katri Viippola started with the company on 1 January 2016.

Eeva Hautala

Employee Representative

b. 1963, Bachelor of Social Services

Key work experience:

Pension Adjudication Specialist, Varma 2006–

Employee representative since 2016

Maritta Voutilainen

Employee Representative

b. 1984, BBA

Key work experience:

Service Advisor, Varma 2012–

Employee representative since 2016

In 2015, personnel representatives were Mari Laine, Reetta-Kaisa Lehtinen (until 28 February 2015) and Sari Kauppinen (1 March–31 December 2015).

Pasi Mustonen serves as Varma’s Chief Actuary. Jukka Kivekäs is Varma’s Senior Physician.