Annual Report 2014

Strong year,
good results

Varma is in good financial condition. Strong solvency,
profitable investments and operational efficiency create the basis
for successfully taking care of our core task – securing pensions.
The results of our operations are apparent in Finnish working life and the 
day-to-day operations of our clients, and during well-deserved retirement.

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Watch a video of Risto Murto’s comments on the economy and Varma.

Fit for the future

Varma had a profitable year, as is reflected in the company’s record-high in-vestment assets, solvency capital and client bonuses. Strong solvency will be needed in 2015, taking into account the zero interest-rate environment and sluggish economic growth.

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Year 2014 in figures

 2014 was a record-breaking year for Varma, as the value of the company’s investments increased for the first time to EUR 40.0 billion and solvency capital to EUR 10.3 billion. The strong figures are based on a good investment year: the return on investments was EUR 2.7 billion, or 7.1 per cent. Premiums written and operating expense efficiency also showed positive development.

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Corporate Governance Report

A key objective of Varma’s corporate governance system is to ensure the transparency of the company’s operations and administration, which in turn contributes to strengthening public confidence in the earnings-related pension scheme.

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Report of the Board of Directors 2014

  • EUR 40,039 million Investments
  •  7.1% Return on investments
  • EUR 10,252 million Solvency capital
  • EUR 117 million Client bonuses
  • EUR 5,010 million Pensions paid

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