Annual Report 2014

Loading profit
€ million20142013201220112010
Expense loading components included in contributions126.2126.6125.4122.2123.0
Components available to cover operating expenses arising from compensation decisions5.
Other income0.
Total loading income132.6133.3131.5128.5129.0
Operating expenses covered by loading income 1-99.1-101.3-110.3-93.2-93.7
Total operating expenses-99.1-101.3-110.3-93.2-93.7
Loading profit33.432.021.235.335.4
Operating expenses in relation to loading income, %7576847373
1 Excluding operating expenses related to investments and maintenance of working capacity and statutory charges.
Maintenance of working capacity expenses
31 Dec., € million20142013201220112010
Premiums written; the administrative cost component of the disability risk5.
Claims incurred; maintenance of working capacity expenses6.
Maintenance of working capacity expenses/ The administrative cost component of the disability risk, %120.5121.0121.9144.9120.1