Annual Report 2014


Consultative Committee for Pension Affairs

The Committee is made up of representatives from Varma and labour market organisations, and its members are appointed by Varma’s Board of Directors. It makes recommendations on disability pensions.

  • Chairman: Jyrki Rasi, Pensions Director, Varma
  • Vice Chairman: Jukka Kivekäs, Senior Physician, Varma
  • Ilkka Kaukoranta, economist, Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions, SAK
  • Mikko Räsänen, Senior Advisor, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK
  • Juhani Siira, Union Secretary, Finnish Paperworkers’ Union
  • Riitta Työläjärvi, Senior Adviser, Social and Health Policy, Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees STTK
  • Anja Uljas, Head of R&D, Finnish Association of Graduates in Economics and Business Administration
  • Riitta Wärn, Senior Advisor, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK

From Varma, Arto Hartikainen, Pension Services Director, and Kari Ahtiainen, Adjudication Manager, also participated in the meetings of the Consultative Committee.