Annual Report 2014


Corporate governance

Varma’s central executive bodies are the Annual General Meeting, the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors and the President and CEO.

Varma's governance is based on the Finnish Act on Employment Pension Insurance Companies. Varma also complies with the applicable provisions of the Finnish Corporate Governance Code. The Finnish Corporate Governance Code is available on the Securities Market Association’s website.

The starting point for Varma’s corporate governance is the company’s core task, that of securing pensions. The statutory earnings-related pension scheme was created by an agreement concluded between the government and labour market organisations, and the tripartite model still plays a key role in the development of the system. Labour market organisations also participate in the administration of earnings-related pension companies.

A key objective is to ensure the transparency of the company’s operations and administration, which in turn will contribute to strengthening public confidence in the earnings-related pension scheme.

Read more about Varma’s governance and management and about the company itself on our website.

Corporate governance structure