User guide

Our annual report is only available electronically, but you can download a printable version of the entire report or sections of it, or you can create your own version of the report according to your personal areas of interest using the tools menu on the right. These tips are intended to help you browse the electronic annual report and use its tools and material bank.

The annual report comprises six sections: In brief, Securing pensions, Investments, Corporate Governance, Financial statements and Good work.

The In brief section provides a short presentation of Varma as a company and a review of 2013 with graphs and key figures. It also includes a review by President & CEO Matti Vuoria, and an outlook written by the new President & CEO, Risto Murto, who took office on 1 January 2014.

The Securing pensions section provides information on key business operations. The Investments section covers extensively the focal points and returns of the investment year 2013. The Corporate governance section includes the Corporate Governance Report and the Salary and Remuneration Statement. Financial statements covers the Board of Directors’ report, the income statement, the balance sheet, the statement of source and application of funds, and the notes to the financial statements. The Good work section includes the best examples of good work from 2013.


You can easily access the desired page or the main page of a section through the drop-down menu in the main navigation tool. You can also use the section-specific navigation tool on the left-hand side of the page. You can navigate the entire annual report through the Site map at the bottom of the page.

Search function

You can access the search function by clicking on the search icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Key terminology

The ‘Key terminology’ link, located at the bottom of the page, takes you to a separate page with explanations of several key terms.

Words included in the key terminology list are underlined with a dotted line. When pointing at the word with your mouse, an explanation will pop up. Clicking the underlined word takes you to the key terminology page.


You can access the feedback page through the link at the bottom of the page.


Add the page to your report

You can add pages to your report with the Add the page to your report button. The page you are currently viewing will be added to your report. You can view the contents of your report by clicking on Create your own report.

Create your own report

The entire annual report and its sections can be downloaded as PDF files, and some of the tables can be downloaded as Excel files. In the material bank you can also view the videos included in the annual report. You can also create your own report, which you can download as a PDF file containing the pages you want by choosing sections or single pages in the navigation tool.


The print function opens a printable version of the current page.

Compare to 2012

The Compare to 2012 tool opens a new tab with the corresponding page of the 2012 Annual Report, allowing you to compare the information.


With the Share function you will be able to share the contents of individual pages by email or in social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+).