At Varma, we do good work

Varma’s success is based on competent personnel efficiently handling our customers’ pension cover. In 2013, we focused on improving our expertise and developing supervisory work.

Strong expertise requires renewal

Varma’s personnel carry out demanding expert work that is meaningful for society and requires continuous development and renewal. In 2013 we organised a development programme for experts, which focused on business development, customer relationship skills, building networks and strengthening expertise.

Customer focus is at the core of Varma’s expert work. Service that is appreciated by our customers is created as a result of broad competence and co-operation. During the year under review, our experts were given the opportunity to get to know each other’s work, with the aim of deepening their knowledge of the services related to workability management.

At Varma, supervisory work consists of productive and inspiring performance management with measurable results. In 2013 we brought together all supervisor’s tools and methods and harmonised our ways of working. The development of supervisory work focussed on coaching skills.

We have clear targets for our own workability management

As a strong expert in workability management we also take care of the workability of our own personnel. Focal areas include goal-oriented and inspiring management, improving co-operation, renewal and taking care of workability.

The success of workability management is measured by the trend in sick leave rates and the disability contribution category. Absences due to illness have decreased at Varma in recent years. In 2013, the number of sick days averaged 9.2 days/employee, equalling 3.5 per cent of total working hours – the sector average is 3.8 per cent. The disability contribution category has also been developing favourably and was 3 in 2013. Our employees enjoy their work, which is demonstrated by their long careers with the company and the low turnover rate.

A good balance between work and other aspects of life promotes workability and improves occupational well-being. During the period under review we surveyed Varma employees’ views on balancing work and family life. The results show that a significant share of the respondents consider Varma a family-friendly workplace. Especially immediate supervisors’ attitudes and flexible working hours were positively viewed.

Varma's values:

  • Success through customer-oriented co-operation.
  • Each and every Varma employee is responsible for the results of his or her work and contributes to Varma’s success. Productive operations help to make the earnings-related pension system more efficient and functional.
  • Customer orientation at Varma means identifying customers’ needs and customer benefits, and acting accordingly.
  • Co-operation with our customers is based on openness and flexibility. We encourage open dialogue and we respect and value the work done by others.