Key figures 2013

Key figures, parent company
Premiums written, € million4,258.04,230.7
Pension payments to pensioners, € million 14,786.74,500.5
TyEL insured 31 December491,400498,500
YEL policies39,81041,280
Investments, € million37,718.134,406.0
Investment income, € million3,160.12,492.3
Return on invested capital, %9.07.7
Total result, € million1,558.51,201.4
Loading profit, € million32.021.2
Operating expenses as % of loading profit76.084.0
Transfer to client bonuses, € million105.078.0
% of TyEL payroll0.60.4
Technical provisions, € million31,399.129,766.6
Solvency capital, € million9,139.77,716.3
Solvency capital/technical provisions, % 2 31.628.0
Solvency capital/solvency limit2.22.4
Parent company staff 31 December558567
1Before the reduction of received clearing of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pensions
2Ratio calculated as a percentage of the technical provisions used in calculating the solvency limit