The Forest of Finnish Work collects thoughts on well-being at work

Varma promoted good work again in 2013. Our campaign website, the Forest of Finnish Work (Suomalaisen työn metsä) survey, looked into how employees are doing and how they are coping at work.

By answering the survey questions on the website, anyone can “plant” a tree illustrating their level of well-being at work. The tree helps employees to view working life from different perspectives and compare their own situation to the situation of employees in the same field or in the region.

The survey revealed that there is room for improvement in Finnish working life: among the scores given in the autumn of 2013, the average was 6.3.

Visitors to the website were also asked their opinion on the positive and negative aspects of their own working life.

“In a good workplace, people encourage one another, they make compromises, and, most importantly, they remember to say ‘thank you’!,” one visitor writes.

The Forest of Finnish Work continues to grow. Go plant your own tree to see how your well-being measures up.