The global economy has begun to recover. The balancing of economic problems in the eurozone will create room for growth. Industrial production began to show increasing signs of improved growth in the eurozone towards the end of the year. For many countries, however, the strong euro will put pressure on the price competitiveness for some time to come.

There are many challenges to be solved in Finland’s economy, despite the positive effect the upswing in global demand is expected to have on our economy in 2014. Economic forecasts covering the next few months remain sluggish. As a result of long-term developments, our business and trade structures have changed, and the added value of our exports has diminished. Finland needs new sources of growth.

The capital markets have enjoyed strong growth in Finland, particularly when considered in relation to the situation in the real economy. This is indicative of investors’ confidence in the solid future profitability of Finnish companies. Changes in central banks’ monetary policy could upset the markets. Assessments of the effects stricter monetary policy would have on capital markets are partly contradictory; success in the timing and scope of actions will, however, be crucial.

The private sector earnings-related pension system is on a stable financial footing, and it offers the insured consistent defined-benefit pensions. Varma aims to be a forerunner in earnings-related pensions as well as a reliable partner to its clients in earnings-related pension insurance. Varma highlights pension companies’ responsibility for professionally handling investment risk management and supports the sector’s efficiency and transparency and the prerequisites for competition. Earnings-related pension insurance companies must handle the task set out for them as efficiently as possible for current and future pension recipients.