Varma - Annual Report 2012

At Varma, we do good work

Varma's success is based on competent personnel efficiently handling our customers' pension cover. Our personnel's competence is constantly developed, and we also anticipate skills required in the future. Our strategy, which was updated in 2012, provides us with a clear direction when determining strategic competence.

We carry out demanding expert work

Varma’s personnel carry out demanding expert work that requires continuous competence development and renewal as well as knowledge of earnings-related pension legislation. Mentoring helps us share valuable experience-based knowledge both from senior employees to younger ones and experienced employees to new ones.

During 2012, we focussed on improving our experts’ consultation skills and the competence of those working in phone and online services with the aim of providing our customers with even better service. In order to improve the efficiency of our operations and processes we make diverse use of online training and self-assessments.

Good leadership aims at well-being at work

As an expert in workability management we also take care of the well-being of our own personnel. We have set clear and inspiring goals, the achievement of which is ensured through good management and leadership. We focus on the continuous development and assessment of leadership and managerial skills. A functional organisation, up-to-date tools and good work capacity create occupational well-being.

We monitor our personnel’s work satisfaction through regular employee surveys, which are used to actively develop our operations. The results show that Varma’s employees are genuinely interested in customer service and feel that their work is meaningful and of a high quality. In order to improve the internal flow of information, which has been considered challenging, we have established new discussion forums, among other things.

A good balance between work and other aspects of life improves occupational well-being. We offer our personnel flexibility in their work schedules and take different life situations into account.

Systematic personnel planning, attending to employees’ competence, increasing e-services and the development of work and working methods have enabled improvements in our operational efficiency. These developments have led to a decline in the number of employees since 2006 through retirement.

The work carried out by Varma’s employees is meaningful for society and affects the lives of many Finns. Our employees enjoy their work, which is demonstrated by their long careers with the company and the low turnover rate.


Varma's values:

  • Success through customer-oriented co-operation.
  • Each and every Varma employee is responsible for the results of his or her work and contributes to Varma’s success. Productive operations help to make the earnings-related pension system more efficient and functional.
  • Customer orientation at Varma means identifying customers’ needs and customer benefits, and acting accordingly.
  • Co-operation with our customers is based on openness and flexibility. We encourage open dialogue and we respect and value the work done by others.