Varma - Annual Report 2012

17. Changes in tangible and intangible assets, Parent Company
Other expenses
with long-termTangible assetsOther tangible
31 Dec. 2012, € millioneffectsEquipmentassetsTotal
Acquisition cost, 1 Jan.
Completely depreciated in the previous year-1.2-0.5-1.7
Acquisition cost, 31 Dec.
Accumulated depreciation, 1 Jan.-4.2-3.5-7.7
Completely depreciated in the previous year1.20.51.7
Depreciation for the financial year-18.4-1.0-19.5
Accumulated depreciation, 31 Dec.-21.5-4.0-25.5
Book value 31 Dec. 201232.13.40.936.4
Book value 31 Dec. 201141.44.30.846.5
Group figures are the same as those of the Parent Company.