Varma - Annual Report 2012

Key figures and analyses
31 Dec, € million20122011201020092008
Premiums written, € million4,230.73,976.63,735.23,399.73,431.0
Pensions paid and other payments made, € million 14,167.53,924.63,652.93,265.92,998.1
Net investment income at fair value, € million2,492.4-711.03,277.83,551.1-4,455.4
Return on invested capital, %7.7-
Turnover, € million5,120.73,942.94,888.15,883.41,463.4
Total operating expenses, € million148.7135.9132.0126.6117.5
of turnover, %
Operating expenses covered by the expense loading included in insurance contributions110.393.293.793.182.5
of TyEL and YEL payroll, %
Total result, € million1,201.4-1,377.72,054.42,185.3-4,207.4
Technical provisions, € million29,766.628,965.629,088.827,789.324,205.0
Solvency capital, € million7,716.36,520.47,912.96,017.13,698.0
of technical provision, % 228.024.830.824.916.9
in relation to solvency limit2.
Equalisation provision, € million1,107.61,120.21,158.31,016.21,007.8
Pension assets, € million 335,198.432,782.333,570.130,126.825,468.5
Transfer to client bonuses of TyEL payroll, %
TyEL payroll, € million17,706.117,324.616,495.315,152.715,873.7
YEL payroll, € million909.9880.0749.4732.6694.1
TyEL policies 427,60028,10028,30027,60027,400
TyEL insured persons498,500498,400488,300474,800480,200
YEL policies41,28041,94038,40038,30038,400
1Claims paid in income statement excluding costs for operations relating to compensations and working capacity maintenance.
2Ratio calculated as a percentage of the technical provisions used in calculating the solvency limit.
3Technical provisions + valuation differences.
4Policies written by employers with insurance contracts.