Varma - Annual Report 2012

Consultative Committee for Pension Affairs

The Committee is made up of representatives from Varma and labour market organisations. It makes recommendations on disability pensions.

  • Chairman Jyrki Rasi, Pensions Director, Varma
  • Vice Chairman Jukka Kivekäs, Senior Physician, Varma
  • Lasse Laatunen, Labour Market Director, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK
  • Saana Siekkinen, Development Director, Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions, SAK
  • Juhani Siira, Union Secretary, Finnish Paperworkers’ Union
  • Riitta Työläjärvi, Senior Adviser, Social and Health Policy, Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees STTK
  • Anja Uljas, Head of R&D, Finnish Association of Graduates in Economics and Business Administration
  • Riitta Wärn, Senior Advisor, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK

From Varma, Arto Hartikainen, Pension Services Director, and Kari Ahtiainen, Adjudication Manager, also participated in the meetings of the Consultative Committee.